The IKEA Museum School Programme is our educational department focusing on entrepreneurship, technology and design, and history and society. Welcome!

The classroom is all yours!

The Classroom is located on the first floor of the IKEA Museum. It's secluded but still directly connected to the exhibitions. Your group can book the Classroom including working areas, materials and technical equipment. Here we work together in bright day light thanks to the many windows. In another words, this is a room for creativity.

Programs & workshops

Our base offer consists of guided tours of the exhibition at the IKEA Museum and programmes focusing on the themes presented below. Get in touch with us for assistance in planning your group's programme.



The IKEA story shows lots of examples of how Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA co-workers never give up. The theme of entrepreneurship is about how IKEA dares to make mistakes and learns from them to always continue to develop.

Technology and design

The development of technology and design is part of the IKEA story with focus on the product range, production and logistics.

History and social studies

The IKEA story is also the history of the development of society in Sweden and in the world - from the early Swedish welfare state to a globalised world.

You group is welcome to bring lunch packs to The Classroom or to book lunch and seating in the IKEA Museum restaurant Köket (The Kitchen). Contact the restaurant.

The Exhibitions

The Main Exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Stories. Also, enjoy our Temporary Exhibition!

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The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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Book a tour

Gather your friends, coworkers or association for a tour of the exhibitions at IKEA Museum.

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