Vintage Weeks in the shop


Over the years IKEA has created the furnishings that have shaped the interiors of many homes. Now is your chance to buy your favourites from the past, one theme week at a time. Every piece of furniture and design is carefully selected to be sold at our Vintage Weeks. Here you will find old acquaintances and typical design from different epochs in the history of IKEA. Hurry up, things for sale today might be gone tomorrow. Welcome!


June 12 to 18

Theme: Best of IKEA PS

Beloved IKEA PS! In 1995 IKEA launched the very first PS collection, in conjunction with the Milan Furniture Fair. The theme was Democratic Design and focus was – and still is – on Scandinavian design and durability. This theme week offers goodies from most collections, in materials such as rattan, glass, plastic and wood in bright pastel colours. Here you will find your IKEA PS favourites by Ola Wihlborg, Thomas Sandell, Monika Mulder, Maria Vinka and others.


PS – design for all

IKEA PS was created to strengthen IKEA’s values – form, function and a low price. PS stands for Post Scriptum and is a design statement, the very latest addition to the IKEA range. It’s all about cutting edge design at prices the many people can afford. The collections are based on stories about roots, innovation, possibilities and not the least sustainability.

From 1995 to this day 170 designers have worked with and for the IKEA PS collection, in all 399 products. During our third Vintage Week you can buy a selection of IKEA PS favorites from past collections.




April 17 to 23

Theme: '70s and '00s

Two completely different decades, but with many similarities in style, colour and form. Now we revel in textile, plastic and wood, and say hello again to bright colours like red, yellow, green, orange and blue as well as brown and black. The IKEA classics that we sell this week are designed by Karin Mobring, Lars Norrman, Cilla Ramnek, Gillis Lundgren and Anna Efverlund to name a few. This is retro at it's best!


February 20 to 26

Theme: '80s and '90s

On the first theme week, furniture and gadgets typical of IKEA in the '80s and '90s were for sale. Think straight lines, chrome, black and white, and shades of grey (although not specifically 50). In addition to the industrial feel you there is also graphic patterns and dashes of red and pink. The designers, amongst others: Tord Björklund, Niels Gammelgaard, Ehlén Johansson, Sven Fristedt, Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg.

Limited edition posters

During the Vintage Weeks, you can get our unique themed posters in the shop.
Price: 49 SEK a piece.



'80s and '90s

Poster, 50x70 cm


'70s and '00s

Poster, 50x70 cm


Best of PS

Poster, 50x70 cm


Vintage weeks

Poster, 50x70 cm

The Exhibitions

The Main Exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Stories. Also, enjoy our Temporary Exhibition!

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The Restaurant

In restaurant Köket you will find our classical meatballs as well as new variants: Fish, chicken, Italian and vegetarian.

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The IKEA Museum School Programme focuses on three areas: entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society. Welcome!

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