The Story of IKEA

Main exhibition

Step right into darkest Småland province and the old farming community, before moving on to the emergence of modern Sweden and the unique history of IKEA. The main exhibition is divided into four parts: Our Roots, IKEA Through the Ages, The Many Sides of Ingvar Kamprad, and Democratic Design.

Our Roots

Experience old Sweden through stories, historical objects and interactive experiences. We show the inventiveness of the poor, stony farming community of Småland, and how increasing prosperity in the first half of the 20th century led to new ideas about a better life at home. It becomes clear how thrifty Småland creativity, Swedish modernism and entrepreneurialism formed the very embryo of IKEA.

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IKEA Through the Ages

A journey through time from the 1940s to the present day – 70 years which took IKEA from a mail order company delivering goods on a milk lorry, to a global brand. We share the stories behind all the innovations and insights, magnificent catastrophes, fantastic ideas and innovative design. With rooms and furnishings typical of their time, you can also see how life at home has changed over the decades.

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The Many Sides of Ingvar Kamprad

Are you curious about Ingvar Kamprad? The man who played shops as a boy, and later founded IKEA with a vision to make life at home better? Here you can learn about his many sides, and even look inside the stubborn entrepreneur’s office. In the exhibition’s videos, Ingvar himself talks about the early years, his mistakes, successes and setbacks. It’s also about the work for a fairer world, and plans to ensure IKEA lives forever.

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Democratic Design

Here we talk about Democratic Design – the unique approach that fundamentally enables IKEA to keep the promises it makes in its business concept. It is about offering a wide assortment of home furnishing products with good form and function, that as many people as possible can afford. Join this colourful voyage of discovery into how IKEA works to meet people’s needs and help their dreams come true.

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