Curious about pattern design?

Dala hästar i ett mönster med olika utseenden och färger.
Dala hästar i ett mönster med olika utseenden och färger.

Explore a world of patterns and colours. Welcome to a workshop series with IKEA Museum and Älmhults Konstförening, a deep dive into the world of colours and patterns. Everyone is welcome!

On five occasions this spring, you’re invited to a series of practical, creative workshops centred around different ways of making patterns. We will look into different patterns and where they work best, how to create a pattern collection, and give advice about colour schemes.
Two pattern designers will be on hand, so it doesn’t matter if you’re entirely new to this or haven’t been to all the workshops. This is for everyone, regardless of age and experience.

Book your spot

Numbers are limited, so be sure to book your spot at:
You’re very welcome even if you can’t attend all five workshops. Just be sure to let us know what dates you can attend.

Free admission for children under 18 years.


24 January 2023
Introduction to patterns
In this first session, we look at pattern design examples and talk about the concept of pattern making. We also learn about a repeat, how to make it, and more.

28 February 2023
How to create a repeating pattern part 1
Here, we learn more about the repeat, focusing on tile and half-drop patterns.

7 March 2023
How to create a repeating pattern part 2
We continue looking into the repeat, this time focusing on tessellation and mirrored patterns, and we may also revisit patterns from the previous workshop.

14 March 2023
Colour magic
For the fourth workshop, we dive into the importance of colour and how to create a pattern collection. Also, we learn about the concept of mood boards, creating a colour pallet, and more.

21 March 2023
From patterns to products
During the final workshop, we learn about creating collections and ranges using patterns and pattern layouts, for example free-flow patterns for the fashion industry and set patterns for wallpaper. Also, we create digital mockups to visualise your patterns on different products – making them come alive.