Family weekend – Young entrepreneurs

Smiling children.
Smiling children.

No ice sheet, no IKEA. Linked to the Our Roots exhibition, we have produced a series of activities for this autumn’s family weekends.

Product development from idea to reality – how it works

What actually happens when a piece of furniture is designed and manufactured? What happens between that first idea, and the finished piece being available for sale in store or online? We answer this very question during the family weekend on 17–18 September. All curious young entrepreneurs are welcome with their families to learn more about ideation, manufacturing and sustainability. All participants are challenged to create a vessel that can transport goods from A to B in the most efficient way. Come and develop your ideas!

Young entrepreneurs is part of our activity series for the whole family. With an independent theme every time, the series is based on IKEA Museum’s Our Roots exhibition, which tells the story of how IKEA emerged from the soil of Småland. During the family weekends, we highlight different themes that are dear to IKEA still today, and reflect how we want to improve life in the home through problem solving, creativity and good fun!

The weekend’s programme in VERKSTAN

  • Learn how furniture or a product is made, from idea to reality
  • Follow the furniture/product’s journey from production to the store
  • Boost your knowledge about sustainability and sustainable materials
  • Learn about the importance of economy when manufacturing furniture and products
  • Create a vessel for efficient transport

VERKSTAN will be staffed by museum personnel. Under-13s must be accompanied by an adult.