IKEA Hacked. Our Products. Your Ideas.


What happens when IKEA products are made into art? Or completely new design objects? At the new IKEA Museum exhibition, you will come face to face with works by international artists, architects and designers – all of whom use IKEA products as materials in their work. Some of them will be working on site here at the exhibition, and you are welcome to have a go yourself!

IKEA Hack is a term for the phenomenon of people using IKEA products in their own ways. This could involve small alterations, such as changing the legs of a KLIPPAN sofa. Or massive re-working projects such as sewing the Swedish national costume from FRAKTA shopping bags, creating a sculpture using 63 TEODORES chairs or making an armchair from 6971 little lead pencils from the IKEA store...

What all IKEA Hacks have in common is the joy of transforming something that was produced for “the many people” into something totally unique or individual.

IKEA Hacked: Our Products. Your Ideas will be showing work by 30 contributors from all over the world. As a visitor you will be able to meet them in workshops and at talks that are being held over the entire exhibition period. There will also be plenty of opportunities to unleash your own creativity – whatever your age!

But what happens if and when IKEA products are used in a way they weren’t intended to be used or tested for? The exhibition takes this up too – of course.