Young Swedish Design 2021

Although IKEA Museum has worked with Svensk Form before, this is the first time we are co-producing the exhibition itself, Young Swedish Design 2021. And now, we are proud to present the results at IKEA Museum in Älmhult.

The IKEA catalogue through the ages

Over the years, the IKEA catalogue has inspired readers and shown them new perspectives on life at home. Now you can dive into the history of the iconic catalogue and see how our homes have changed and developed.

Look Music!

Music brings people together. Music expands spaces. Music fills the home with life. Experience music with all your senses.

Sustain Able Voices

The sustainable solutions of the future will be shaped by openness, courage and a desire to experiment. Sustain Able Voices is an inspiring, engaging exhibition featuring young voices, in a collaboration between IKEA Museum and Svensk Form.

Ung Svensk Form 2020

Curiosity, humour and intelligent questions carry the development of design forward. The young designers in this year’s edition of Young Swedish Design open a creative window onto the future.

Home Futures

Want to know the future? Look at the past! That’s the basic idea behind our Home Futures exhibition. We’ve brought together lots of visionary, daft and innovative projects from the last century – some of them eerily topical even today.

The Growroom

The future is green. The Growroom exhibition shows how growing projects in towns and cities can help create a more sustainable world. Now everyone can be part of the green revolution.

What makes a home?

Here at IKEA, we are interested in how people live their lives at home. So we undertake annual home surveys, interviewing thousands of people around the world about their everyday life. In the What makes a home? exhibition, we show you what we have learnt.

Textile Playground

Do you remember the curtains you had in your bedroom as a child, or the pattern of your grandma’s apron? Textiles are a clear marker of their time, and they create memories. In the Textile Playground exhibition, we tell the story of the Swedish textiles tradition and show classic patterns.

Human Shelter

How do you make a home in a refugee camp? In our Human Shelter exhibition, we visit people trying to live as normal a life as possible in vulnerable areas – from floating shantytowns in Lagos to refugee camps in Iraq.