IKEA Museum presents

Our Roots

Go back in time and explore the origins of IKEA and Ingvar Kamprad. Hardship, thrift and ingenuity in Småland, Sweden, and visions of a new life at home for the many people. Simple, functional and beautiful.


The rocking ’50s

In the shadow of the Cold War, Sweden experiences a time of self-confidence and progress and Swedes have more money. IKEA opens home furnishing showrooms and what will become the first store in Älmhult.


The individualistic ’80s

As the global recession subsides, luxury consumption makes a comeback. The IKEA product range gets lost in attempts to keep up with global trends and the IKEA identity becomes muddled.


The soul searching ’90s

The yuppie fades away and IKEA struggles with an identity crisis. It’s time to go back to the Scandinavian roots. While becoming a truly global brand, IKEA reclaims its soul.


The chaotic ’10s

In a world of urbanisation and housing shortages, financial worries and rising nationalism, IKEA intensifies its efforts to contribute to global sustainability for people and planet.