Get on the cover of the IKEA Catalogue



The interior from the cover of this year’s IKEA Catalogue is on set at IKEA Museum. Take the opportunity to be a cover model. Of course you get to print your own copy to bring home.

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More about the IKEA Catalogue

The very first issue of the IKEA Catalogue was released in 1951 and was printed in 250 000 copies. Today, almost seven decades of democratic design later, the IKEA Catalogue is one of the world’s most widely spread publications. In comparison with the Bible and the Koran. This year’s issue has been printed in 205 million copies, in 35 languages and is distributed on 72 markets around the world. 

On the screens in the museum, you can browse the IKEA catalogues from 1951 onwards.



The Exhibitions

The Main Exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into two themes: Our Roots and Our Story. Also, enjoy our Temporary Exhibitions!

The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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The Restaurant

In restaurant Köket you will find our classical meatballs as well as new variants: Fish, chicken, Italian and vegetarian.

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