What makes a home?

In our new exhibition HUMAN SHELTER – An expedition into what makes a homewe ask ourselves what it is that makes a home. The exhibition is based on the documentary The Human Shelter by Boris B. Bertram.

Watch the film at the exhibition and follow a journey around the world to investigate what people need in their lives and how they create a home, wherever they are.

When does a refugee camp become a home? Is it possible to live in a tree? We take it one step further and ask what makes you feel at home. Bertram says that this is a subject where we are all experts. He travelled four continents over two years in an anthropological expedition to find out how people live. So what do you think makes a home?

“We visited some of the most extreme places on earth which are facing the challenges of climate change, globalisation, humanitarian crises, new technology and migration. The exhibition at IKEA Museum dives even further into these themes and poses the important question of what it is that makes a shelter feel like home,” says Boris B. Bertram, director of the documentary The Human Shelter.

The Human Shelter is directed by Boris B. Bertram and produced by Good Company Pictures with financial support from IKEA Group and IKEA of Sweden.

The exhibition HUMAN SHELTER opens on 21 March and runs until 5 May 2019. The film is showing daily during the exhibition period.


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