It’s flexi-time at KÖKET restaurant! On the menu!

New balls to choose from at KÖKET restaurant. As well as meatballs there are also plant balls, chicken balls and cod & salmon, with wonderful new accompaniments. The great thing is, you can vary which balls you have. More balls and other extras cost just SEK 5 per portion. Let our staff know, and they’ll flex your dish to your requirements.

Hot food is served from 11:30. All our dishes are available for takeaway.

Main meals

Plant balls

70 SEK

Plant balls with potato salad, kimchi, chickpeas, herbs and elderflower vinaigrette.


70 SEK

Meatballs with mashed potatoes, peas, cream sauce and lingonberry jam.

Veggie balls

70 SEK

Veggie balls with green lentils, tomato & spinach ragout, bean mix, mustard seeds, rocket and ‘prästost’ cheese.

Chicken balls

70 SEK

Chicken balls with rosti, ginger dip and carrot salad.

Cod & salmon balls

70 SEK

Cod & salmon balls with quinoa, coleslaw, soygurt dip and lemon tahini.

Salmon fillet

90 SEK

Salmon fillet with herb mash, apple salad, soygurt sauce and elderflower vinaigrette.

Pea soup

40 SEK

Pea soup with roast pumpkin, horseradish dip, pumpkin seeds and sunflower shoots.


Salad of the week - goat’s cheese salad

70 SEK

Goat’s cheese salad with parma chips, honey-marinated apple and red cabbage.
Fresh, filling salads, always composed of available seasonal ingredients.

Kids’ menu

Children’s portion

30 SEK

All main meals in small portions.


30 SEK

With tomato sauce and cheese.


30 SEK

With jam and whipped cream.


The kids’ menu is for children under 13. Milk or squash and fruit or ice cream are included.

Sandwiches and wraps

Sourdough roll with cheese

30 SEK


40 SEK

Choose from the daily range of sandwiches and wraps.

Filling sandwich

50 SEK

Sandwich cake

55 SEK

A piece of classic Swedish sandwich cake with seafood hash, ham filling and seasonal vegetables.

Sandwich cake, 6 servings

300 SEK

Sandwich cake, 12 servings

600 SEK

A classic Swedish sandwich cake with seafood hash, ham filling and seasonal vegetables. Place your order at least two business days before.

Fika selection and desserts

Cinnamon bun



Cheese curd cake

30 SEK

With cream and strawberry jam.


Every day we offer a selection of tasty cakes, buns, biscuits and desserts.

Freshly squeezed juice

Freshly squeezed juice 250 ml

30 SEK

Try the juice of the day with seasonal flavours, freshly squeezed right here.


Please talk to the restaurant staff if you have any special dietary requirements – we are happy to help.

Detailed ingredients (PDF)

All prices include VAT. You do not have to pay admission to visit our restaurant.