What makes a home?

Exhibition 4 February–14 May 2017

What smells like home to you? Does furniture have a body language? What sounds are annoying to hear at home, and what sounds are pleasant and wonderful? Is home somewhere other than where you live?? A home should be functional, but only function is not enough. Sensory impressions are as important as the walls, ceiling and foor. They give soul and personality to the place – or perhaps feeling – that we call home.

Based on the fact-filled study IKEA Life at Home Report we have created a playful exhibition for all ages and senses. Here you will find four themes that will lead you and all your senses through the environments, objects and installations: Space, Things, Relationships and Place. Sniff on a movie night or forest glade in our fragrance boxes. Step into our maze and listen to the sounds of home with your whole body. Meet collectors and home types. See temporary homes far away from home or furnish our doll houses and much more.

Welcome to the exhibition What makes a home? Just make yourself at home!

About the Life at Home Report

Everything we do at IKEA is based on understanding people's needs, dreams and hopes. Our curiosity and the insights we acquire about life at home is critical to our design and product development. Our annual survey, the Life at Home Report, is one of our most important tools to bring in new knowledge.

In the current, third edition of the survey, we asked 12,000 people what a home is to them. We have met and talked to all kinds of people from all corners of the world: Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich and Madrid. We discovered that a home can be viewed from four perspectives: places, things, relationships and surfaces. We would now like to share our experience with you, through this report (8.0 MB) and the exhibition at IKEA Museum in Älmhult.

Read the report!

Read the IKEA Life at home report #3: "What makes a home?".

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