IKEA museum

Welcome home

For 70 years, people have welcomed IKEA into their homes. Now it’s our turn to welcome you to ours, in Älmhult, Sweden. The IKEA Museum is the story of IKEA. Here, we share everything that makes IKEA what it is today, and what it may be tomorrow: the ideas and the driving forces, the people and the furniture, the mistakes and the lessons learned. Don't forget to visit IKEAmuseum.com again soon. We'll be adding new material.

A museum looking ahead

The story of IKEA is rich. So, we've divided our Main Exhibition into three themes: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Story. And be sure not to miss our Temporary Exhibition, which is updated twice a year. Right now we're particularly interested in life in the kitchen...

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In the world's first IKEA store...

When you visit the IKEA Museum you find yourself in what was once the very first IKEA store. The Älmhult store opened October 28, 1958 and closed in 2012, which is when the plans for the museum began to take shape.

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Put yourself on the cover

At the IKEA Museum there's lots to see, do and experience. Why not take the chance to grab a copy of the cover of this year's IKEA Catalogue - with you on it! You will find the kitchen room setting and camera in the Our Story section.

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The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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Book a guided tour

Get your friends or workmates together and book a 45 minute guided tour of the Exhibitions at the IKEA Museum. Tours are held in several different languages

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The IKEA Museum School Programme focuses on three areas: entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society. Welcome!

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