Overview of bright, colourful interior of IKEA Museum shop floor. Overview of bright, colourful interior of IKEA Museum shop floor.

Our shop reflects the world of IKEA through a wide variety of unique and carefully curated products. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an unusual gift or a nostalgic keepsake, some handy stationery or a cool souvenir. We look forward to welcoming you in Älmhult.

Find something unique for your home from our large selection of textiles, kitchenware and other home furnishing products, in limited editions that are only available in the IKEA Museum shop. Furthermore, the book section is a must for anyone curious about The Story of IKEA and life at home. In the Children’s section you’ll find books for toddlers and young readers, a school backpack as well as pens, crayons and other products for aspiring creatives.

Book section in shop with white shelves, in foreground books are stacked on top of table and on shelves beneath.
Browse our wide selection of books related to design, life at home and IKEA, including inspiring cookbooks.


Two design games in one

Test your design knowledge with Swedish Design Memo! You can play the game as a quiz or as a card game memory, and it’s ideal for all design lovers. With 48 cards and four quiz folders, the game pays tribute to Swedish design from the mid-19th century to the present day. Text in Swedish and English.

Game box with cards spread around.
Get your family and friends together and test your design knowledge with Swedish Design Memo 1845–2020s, 249 SEK.

Limited collection

Hagberg + Hagberg

A new collection of unique products inspired by iconic IKEA design duo, Marianne Hagberg and Knut Hagberg. The two siblings are behind many of the simple yet innovative products loved by IKEA customers over the decades. Pick your favourites amongst stationery, pins, posters, T-shirts and, of course, a stylish tote bag to bring them home in.

Posters and postcards with black and white stylised pattern with silhouettes of home furnishing products.
Pick your favourites from the Hagberg + Hagberg collection: Poster 30x40cm, 49 SEK. Poster 50x70cm, 69 SEK. Postcard 13x18cm, 10 SEK.
Tote bag and T-shirt with black and white stylised pattern with silhouettes of home furnishing products.
Carry your stuff with style. Tote bag 89 SEK. T-shirt 149 SEK. Pins 9 SEK.
Trays and pot holders with black and white stylised pattern with silhouettes of home furnishing products.
Update your home with these unique items from the Hagberg + Hagberg collection. Tray 27x20cm, 99 SEK. Tray 32x32cm, 139 SEK. Pot holder 119 SEK.

Unique tableware

Time for a makeover?

Find your favourites from this new tableware set. Basic but beautiful, these items are only available in the IKEA Museum shop.

STOCKHOLM Espresso cups and plate with truffles.
Relax in style. STOCKHOLM Espresso cup 79 SEK. STOCKHOLM Plate 14 cm, 89 SEK. Truffles with sea salt 49 SEK.


IKEA mementos

Take your pick from these nostalgia-inducing mementos, from pins and fridge magnets with Ingvar Kamprad’s most memorable sayings, to must-have miniatures of IKEA classics.

Miniature furniture and decorative items, in red and black, including a clock, arranged on two white cubes.
You won’t need a roof rack to bring one of these miniature mementos of IKEA classics home. These tactile and beautifully made miniatures easily fit in your pocket or handbag, and are only available in the IKEA Museum shop. EXPEDIT Miniature bookcase, 59 SEK. IKEA PS Miniature clock, 129 SEK, available in several colours. IKEA PS VÅGÖ Miniature chair, 49 SEK, available in several colours. IKEA PS VÅLLÖ Miniature watering can, 19 SEK, available in several colours. MAMMUT Miniature chair, 25 SEK and MAMMUT Miniature table, 25 SEK, available in several colours.
Allen-key keyrings in different colours and small pins lie on top of white notebooks decorated with big quotes in black.
Ingvar Kamprad never minced his words. Bring some of his most famous and thought-provoking quotes with you on a pin, a T-shirt or a fridge magnet to spice up your kitchen. Notebook 39 SEK. Pin 9 SEK. Postcard 13x18 cm, 10 SEK. Magnet 29 SEK. Allen-key keyring, mixed colours, 25 SEK. Pen, mixed colours, 19 SEK.

Only at IKEA Museum

What’s the story?

The products in this collection tell stories of bygone times and of inspiration from other, sometimes unexpected sources.

Two three-legged stools, one red, one white, on top of a white cube.
Milking stool designed by Ingvar Kamprad and his son Jonas. Ingvar said: “For this piece, which is actually the first one I’ve created myself, I was inspired by my very first job – milking the cows on the family farm.” Milking stool, 399 SEK, available in several colours.
Three simple wooden chairs, one black, one yellow, one red, arranged on and next to a white cube.
The original inspiration for designer Nike Karlsson for the EMIL chair was illustrations in a German children’s book. “This gave me the idea to create a small extra chair that could work in different areas of the home – for example in the kitchen, the hallway or the bedroom. That’s why the chair needed to have a strong presence – so it wouldn’t look lost. Later on, we made an EMIL chair for kids, which I was happy about. After all, the idea came from a children’s book to start with.” EMIL chair, 399 SEK and EMIL children’s chair, 299 SEK, both available in several colours.
A green plant in a glass vase attached to a black stone block.
Dolerite is a type of rock formed during volcanic eruptions 900–1,500 million years ago, when molten magma was pressed up from the earth’s core and into thin cracks in the crust. The dolerite, diabas in Swedish, is mined in north-east Skåne in Sweden and is renowned for its deep black colour as well as its durability and weight. DIABAS Vase 159 SEK.