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Three people in blue t-shirts doing experiment with glue guns. Three people in blue t-shirts doing experiment with glue guns.

Since Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943, curiosity has always been the main driver. Over the years IKEA has arrived at some important insights, which we would like to share.

Learning programme

IKEA Museum offers inspiring and enriching learning experiences for schools, colleges and universities. Our engaging resources, guided tours and creative workshops centre on the values and history, present and future of IKEA. All in all, it’s about aspiring to a better life at home for the many people, while protecting the future of the planet.

Curiosity is key

Ever since Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943, curiosity has been its main driver. And over the years, IKEA has arrived at many important insights, not least by learning from its mistakes. Now, IKEA Museum wants to share those insights and learnings with you, and look towards the future. Our carefully curated exhibitions tell The Story of IKEA alongside the history of Sweden, and also present innovative ideas and solutions for healthier and more sustainable living. Knowledgeable guides will engage you and your students through our exhibitions and workshops, sparking interest, curiosity and personal discovery.

Support formal learning

The IKEA Museum learning programme and resources support the National Curriculum in Sweden and its steering documents, both overall and specifically for a wide range of subjects. All ages can benefit from its resources, guided tours and workshops, from compulsory school including pre-school, to upper secondary. In addition, our learning programme and resources can benefit universities and university colleges, Higher Vocational Education, folk high schools, and other artistic and cultural educational programmes.

Book and plan

IKEA Museum welcomes groups of up to 25 participants. All guided tours and workshops are bookable on weekdays. For bookings, inquiries, or if you would like to tailor a visit in cooperation with us, please use the forms or contact us at