Youths in blue t-shirts gluing in a black cardboard box.

Do you want to be inspired and gain knowledge for how to live a more sustainable life at home? This workshop builds on the ambition of IKEA for the year 2030, to encourage and enable more than 1 billion people to live better everyday lives within the limits of Earth’s environmental boundaries. It is an urgent challenge, which is why this workshop shares knowledge of how we can all work together to reach that goal.

We discuss the essence of circularity, circular behaviours and circular production as the opposite of a linear method. We also highlight how recycled products should be viewed as a bank of material for the future. Using a simple guessing game, we figure out which products are made from recycled materials and from new materials that nobody uses.

Available: Year-round

Time: 1 hour

Price: 750 SEK incl. VAT

Venue: At IKEA Museum, as an outreach event at your location or online via suitable project software.

Suitable for: Compulsory school including for ages 13–15 in the subjects Social Studies and Entrepreneurship. Upper secondary school, and universities and university colleges.

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Gain more from your visit: As a complement to this workshop, you can add a guided tour of the museum for 750 SEK.



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