The many sides of Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad

“To get the whole job done you have to know the details – that’s my philosophy.”

Are you curious about Ingvar Kamprad? Would you like to find out more about him? In this exhibition, you can discover him from five different perspectives. You’ll get to peek inside his office, meet Ingvar together with his family and learn how he became an entrepreneur. You’ll also find out about how he planned for IKEA to last forever, and finally about his charity work.

If Ingvar Kamprad was with us today, he would question the whole idea of an exhibition about him. Why me? To him, the future was far more exciting than the past; the shop and factory floor were far more exciting than office work. He would probably also give you a hug, before rushing off to discuss some new idea he’d just had.

The many sides of Ingvar Kamprad opens 18 February 2019 and is a permanent exhibition at IKEA Museum. 


Våra utställningar

IKEA Museums huvudutställning är indelad i tre teman, Våra rötter, IKEA genom tiderna och Ingvar Kamprads många sidor. Missa inte våra tillfälliga utställningar!


I Restaurang KÖKET hittar du våra klassiska köttbullar och helt nya varianter av både fågel, fisk och mittemellan.

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Museets skolprogram har tre inriktningar: entreprenörskap, teknik och design, samt historia och samhälle. Välkommen!

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The Exhibitions

The main exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our roots, IKEA through the ages and The many sides of Ingvar Kamprad. Also, enjoy our temporary exhibitions!

The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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The IKEA Museum School Programme focuses on three areas: entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society. Welcome!

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