Hej Ingvar!

The playful entrepreneur

How did an adventurous farm boy from Småland province, who saw himself as a bit of a failure, become one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs? It certainly wasn’t down to conventional leadership and well-established business principles. Apart from a drive so typical of Småland, he had a level of creativity and inventiveness that turned out to be something very special.

In this exhibition, we ask some of the people who worked closely with Ingvar Kamprad to talk about him and the qualities that made him one of the greatest businessmen of all time. Stories, myths and anecdotes about the Småland drive, curiosity and creativity, and the ability to see opportunities where others saw problems.

One part of the exhibition shows Ingvar Kamprad’s own desk, from which he managed the work on IKEA, refined the concept, wrote endless letters and memos, and planned trips and store visits. The Kamprad family has lent personal photographs, objects and documents that were part of Ingvar’s everyday life.