Meet ESA astronaut Marcus Wandt and the iconic IKEA Allen key

Be part of history when Swedish ESA astronaut Marcus Wandt visits IKEA Museum. Earlier this year, he travelled into space with other astronauts, and in Marcus’ luggage was a small but significant key: the IKEA Allen key.

Listen to Marcus talk about what it’s like to live in a small surface in space and see the small, but significant key when it is handed over to IKEA Museum.

We offer summer coffee to all visitors.


This event will be held in Swedish.

14:00 Sofia Lögdberg, Head of Archives and Collections, IKEA Museum, receives the IKEA Allen key that has travelled in space.

14.15 ESA Astronaut Marcus Wandt and Emelie Knoester, Head of Product Range, IKEA of Sweden, talk about what it’s like to live in a small space and Marcus talks about his experience in space.

The conversation ends with a Q&A session and autograph signing.