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Want to know the future? Look at the past! That’s the basic idea behind our exhibition HOME FUTURES, made in partnership with the Design Museum in London. We’ve brought together a range of visionary, crazy and innovative projects from the last century – some of them eerily topical even today.

HOME FUTURES focuses on what our vision of the future home was like historically. Architects and designers of the 20th century saw the home as a testing ground. Some of their projects have come to fruition, but some of the crazier experiments never went any further.

In the post-war period, many people dreamed of an automated home with domestic appliances that ran by themselves. These days we have robot vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers, and speakers that can both speak and listen. But how does that affect our privacy?

In the 1960s, we began to dream about an online lifestyle. Now that we have WiFi, smartphones and apps, many of our science fiction fantasies have become a reality. How has that influenced us as human beings: for better or worse?


La casa telematica Ugo la Pietra, 1983. (Courtesy Archivio Ugo La Pietra, Milano)

CACTUS by Drocco & Mello, 1972. (© Gufram)

Mobile Office Hans Hollein, 1969. (Photo: Gino Molin-Pradl, © Private Archive Hollein)

Well known works are on display, such as Gufram’s iconic Bocca sofa and ”Mobiles Buro” by Hans Hollein. In addition to that IKEA also shares visions about the home, innovations as well as failed projects. One example is ’IKEA a.i.r’ – a series of inflatable sofas and armchairs which was anything but a success.

At IKEA we use research to try to predict what needs people will have five, ten or even fifty years in the future. The HOME FUTURES exhibition is part of this, presented in association with the Design Museum in London. HOME FUTURES was shown at the Design Museum in the winter of 2018 and is now coming to the IKEA Museum in Älmhult.

HOME FUTURES opens on 25 April and runs until 25 August 2019.


The Design Museum

IKEA Museum believes in the power of co-creation which has led us into this unique collaboration with one of the most exciting design museums operating today: The Design Museum in London. The Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary architecture and design. Their broad collection includes all possible products related to design, fashion, architecture, product design and graphic design. Since it opened its doors in 1989, the museum has displayed everything from an AK-47 to high heels designed by Christian Louboutin. The Design Museum has staged over 100 exhibitions and welcomed over five million visitors.

The Design Museum

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The main exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our roots, IKEA through the ages and The many sides of Ingvar Kamprad. Also, enjoy our temporary exhibitions!

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