IKEA PS collection

Scandinavia makes a comeback.

In the early 1990s, IKEA began a process to strengthen its identity as a design company. IKEA wanted to get back to its roots and manifest the aesthetic of Scandinavian simplicity. The result was IKEA PS, a recurring collection of innovative design at low prices.

After a disjointed 1980s, IKEA had lost control of its range and had been close to losing its foothold and its identity. The stock exchange crash of 1987 led to a global economic crisis and was a turning-point – also for the world of design. Glass tables and colourful geometric patterns had to move aside. It was the early 1990s, and minimalism was making a comeback. British, Japanese and Italian designers started creating restrained design in light woods – something that was seen as typically Scandinavian. IKEA was surrounded by a design world that was successfully interpreting Scandinavian aesthetics.

IKEA PS storage bench 1995.
IKEA PS storage bench, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 99.50.

“Shouldn’t you at IKEA be there too, among blond woods and simplicity?” The question was asked by Stefan Ytterborn, a Stockholm-based design entrepreneur, in a discussion with IKEA head of design at the time, Lennart Ekmark. After all, the company’s design roots came from the Swedish and Scandinavian style, so Stefan thought IKEA should reclaim some of its origins. Their discussion developed into a collaboration, where they worked with a group of designers to create a collection inspired by the Scandinavian style. But the aesthetic also had to meet the demands on production adaptation, necessary for IKEA to achieve a low price.

Big banner hanging above a city street, text in Italian says: Democratic Design, IKEA.
Democratic Design exhibition Milan, 1995.

A Scandinavian addendum

Eighteen young Scandinavian designers created a collection with a strong, simple profile that would follow in the Scandinavian design tradition. It was called IKEA PS, as it was a kind of post script or addendum to the standard range. At the 1995 furniture fair in Milan, IKEA PS was presented under the theme of Democratic Design. The term summarised the company’s ambition to create products of good design and function, at low prices.

The first IKEA PS collection was very well received. New collections have since returned regularly. Over the years, both Swedish and international designers have contributed products under different themes. The common denominator for all the collections has been to develop Scandinavian design and make good design available to the many people.

See examples in the slide shows, from the first IKEA PS collection in 1995 to the latest one from 2017.

1995 – Democratic Design

The first IKEA PS collection was launched in 1995 in Milan, under the theme of Democratic Design. The collection was a renewal of the Scandinavian design tradition, and the launch was a huge success.

Cover of brochure for IKEA PS 1995 with photo of IKEA PS lamp and text IKEA PS on warm grey background.
IKEA PS brochure 1995: Democratic Design.
IKEA PS armchair 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 armchair, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 299.
IKEA PS CIRKEL fabric 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 CIRKEL fabric, Design Tom Hedqvist, EUR 7.90.
IKEA PS chest of drawers 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 chest of drawers, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 269.50.
IKEA PS clock 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 clock, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 39.
IKEA PS candlestick 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 candlestick, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 5.90.
IKEA PS tray table 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 tray table, Design Lisa Steen, EUR 79.50.
IKEA PS sofa 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 sofa, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 599.
IKEA PS table/stool 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 table/stool, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 79.50.
IKEA PS chair 1995.
IKEA PS 1995 chair, Design Tomas Svanström, EUR 74.50.

1999 – High design value

The second generation of IKEA PS, High design value, was launched in 1999 and was a progression in the process of renewing Scandinavian design. This time round, the focus was on further reducing prices to make good design even more available to more people.

IKEA PS rug 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 rug, Design Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, EUR 79.
IKEA PS pendant lamp 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 pendant lamp, Design Ehlén Johansson, EUR 42.90.
IKEA PS armchair 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 armchair, Design Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, EUR 66.90.
IKEA PS pendant lamp 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 pendant lamp, Design Henrik Kjellberg/Mattias Lindqvist, EUR 28.90.
IKEA PS sofa-bed 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 sofa-bed, Design Chris Martin/Thomas Sandell, EUR 445.
IKEA PS storage stool 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 storage stool, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 27.50.
IKEA PS tealight holder 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 tealight holder, Design Ehlén Johansson, EUR 7.90.
IKEA PS cabinet 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 cabinet, Design Nicholai Wiig Hansen, EUR 199.
IKEA PS LÄNK fabric 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 LÄNK fabric, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 4.90.
IKEA PS coffee table 1999.
IKEA PS 1999 coffee table, Design Thomas Eriksson, EUR 79.50.

2002 – Inside out – outside in

The third IKEA PS collection in 2002 came under the theme of Inside outoutside in. It contained products that were multifunctional and worked outdoors as well as indoors. To further reduce prices, all the designers worked on the factory floor. Strict production adaptation made it possible to avoid constructions that made the products more expensive.

IKEA PS VÅLLÖ watering can 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 VÅLLÖ watering can, Design Monika Mulder, EUR 2.95.
IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN rocking-chair 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 GULLHOLMEN rocking-chair, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 69.95.
IKEA PS TUNÖ clock 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 TUNÖ clock, Design Hlynur Vagn Atlason, EUR 49.95.
IKEA PS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot with castors 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 FEJÖ self watering plant pot with castors, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 14.95.
IKEA PS VINDÖN fabric 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 VINDÖN fabric, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 6.95.
IKEA PS VÅGÖ easy chair/footstool 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 VÅGÖ chair/footstool, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 19.95/9.95.
IKEA PS SANDSKÄR tray table 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 SANDSKÄR tray table, Design Thomas Sandell, EUR 28.95.
IKEA PS KNEKTÖ plant pot 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 KNEKTÖ plant pot, Design Evalena Sandberg, EUR 7.95.
IKEA PS HÄSSLÖ chair 2002.
IKEA PS 2002 HÄSSLÖ chair, Design Monika Mulder, EUR 44.95.

2003 – Unlimited play

In 2003 it was the children’s turn, with IKEA PS Unlimited play. The challenge was to promote children’s development, motor skills and imagination, while making functional products. It was about creating endless opportunities for play.

Small girl playing on green planet-shaped piece of furniture against background photo of Earth seen from space.
From IKEA PS press material 2003: Unlimited play.
IKEA PS SVINGA hanging seat 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 SVINGA hanging seat, Design Tina Christensen/Kai Legaard, EUR 59.50.
IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel armchair 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 LÖMSK swivel armchair, Design Monika Mulder, EUR 59.
IKEA PS FÅNGST hanging storage 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 FÅNGST hanging storage, Design Sanna Dahlman/Annie Huldén, EUR 9.50.
IKEA PS HÄNGIG wall bars/clothes rack 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 HÄNGIG wall bars/clothes rack, Design Louise Hederström, EUR 24.90.
IKEA PS SPÄNSTIG storage unit 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 SPÄNSTIG storage unit, Design Eva Moritz/Peter Moritz, EUR 99.50.
IKEA PS VIRRIG balancing cushion 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 VIRRIG balancing cushion, Design Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, EUR 39.90.
IKEA PS HÖJBAR step-stool/chair 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 HÖJBAR step-stool/chair, Design Louise Hederström, EUR 29.
IKEA PS VAGGA rocker 2003.
IKEA PS 2003 VAGGA rocker, Design Åsa Andblad, EUR 79.50.

2006 – What if

What if – the wildest ideas could be the smartest solutions? This was the starting point for the 2006 IKEA PS collection. The designers were challenged to think along new lines. They experimented with new materials, new technologies and new ways of working. The result was some wayward solutions and innovative ideas, manifested in unconventional products.

Colourful living room with large table with fruit and decorations, floor pillows, rugs and white wooden stools.
IKEA PS 2006: What if.
IKEA PS ELLAN chair 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 ELLAN chair, Design Chris Martin, EUR 39.
IKEA PS JULARP candelabra 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 JULARP candelabra, Design Ola Wihlborg, EUR 7.90.
IKEA PS GAGNEF rug 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 GAGNEF rug, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 44.90.
IKEA PS 2006 ESKILSTUNA stool, Design Graeme Findlay/Carmel McElroy, EUR 12.
IKEA PS JUTANÄS decoration figures 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 JUTANÄS decoration figures, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 14.90.
IKEA PS 2006 JONSBERG vase, Design Hella Jongerius, EUR 34.95.
IKEA PS EKEKULL stool 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 EKEKULL stool, Design Karin Klemming/Anna Svanfeldt, EUR 14.90.
IKEA PS HYLTE serving stand 2006.
IKEA PS 2006 HYLTE serving stand, Design Sunniva Kandell, EUR 9.90.

2009 – Never ending design stories

The IKEA PS Never ending design stories collection was launched in 2009. The point of departure was to think about roots, innovative use of materials, and taking responsibility for our environment. Thoughts that were transformed into innovative design.

Young woman holding the dandelion shaped lamp MASKROS and blowing on it. Text says The IKEA PS never ending design.
From IKEA PS brochure 2009: Never ending design stories.
IKEA PS PENDEL floor clock 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 PENDEL floor clock, Design Carl Hagerling, EUR 159.
IKEA PS STUGA rug 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 STUGA rug, Design Kazuyo Nomura, EUR 269.
IKEA PS SVARVA floor lamp 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 SVARVA floor lamp, Design Sofia Lagerkvist/Charlotte von der Lancken/Anna Lindgren/Katja Pettersson, EUR 149.
IKEA PS KARLJOHAN side table 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 KARLJOHAN side table, Design Christian Halleröd, EUR 49.
IKEA PS TOTT fabric 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 TOTT fabric, Design Kazuyo Nomura, EUR 19.95.
IKEA PS SKOGSSTJÄRNA snaps/liqueur glass 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 SKOGSSTJÄRNA snaps/liqueur glasses, Design Gunnel Sahlin, EUR 5.90.
IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 MASKROS pendant lamp, Design Marcus Arvonen, EUR 79.90.
IKEA PS BRYGGA swivel chair 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 BRYGGA swivel chair, Design Marcus Arvonen, EUR 249.
IKEA PS SINKA cabinet with drawers 2009.
IKEA PS 2009 SINKA cabinet with drawers, Design Ehlén Johansson, EUR 249.

2012 – Inspired by history, designed for today

When the 2012 collection – Inspired by history, designed for today – was created, the designers were encouraged to look back on the company’s 60 years of design. Based on this design history, they would then challenge and update things with innovative materials, new functions and sustainable production solutions.

Large room with seating areas, tables, storage and rugs in different strong colours such as green, blue, red and yellow.
IKEA PS 2012: Inspired by history, designed for today.
IKEA PS LED wall lamp 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 LED wall lamp, Design Johanna Jelinek, EUR 59.
IKEA PS stool 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 stool, Design Lisa Norinder, EUR 299.
IKEA PS vase 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 vase, Design Ehlén Johansson, EUR 29.
IKEA PS rug 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 rug, Design Maria Vinka, EUR 99.
IKEA PS coffee table 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 coffee table, Design Ola Wihlborg, EUR 39.
IKEA PS chair 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 chair, Design Marcus Arvonen, EUR 49.90.
IKEA PS sofa 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 sofa, Design Nike Karlsson, EUR 599.
IKEA PS easy chair 2012.
IKEA PS 2012 easy chair, Design Wiebke Braasch, EUR 99.50.

2014 – On the move

The 2014 collection, On the move, was created for homes and lives in constant movement, ready for new situations and needs. Customers were encouraged to try to make more of the space they had. IKEA visualised urban people who were always on the move. The guiding principles were flexibility and an unconventional lifestyle.

Furnishings lined up in front of a blue wall, including a red cupboard, green coat hanger, multi-coloured pillows and rugs.
IKEA PS 2014: On the move.
IKEA PS wall clock 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 wall clock, Design Carole Baijings/Stefan Scholten, EUR 9.99.
IKEA PS hat and coatstand 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 hat and coat stand, Design Ebba Strandmark, EUR 39.99.
IKEA PS LED stool lamp 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp, Design Charles Brill/Theo Richardson/Alexander Williams, EUR 50.
IKEA PS bench 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 bench, Design Anna Efverlund, EUR 99.
IKEA PS wall rail/knobs 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 wall rail/knobs, Design Tomás Alonso, EUR 49/49.
IKEA PS sidetable with lighting 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 side table with lighting, Design Tomek Rygalik, EUR 69.
IKEA PS greenhouse 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse, Design Nicolas Cortolezzis, EUR 29.95.
IKEA PS pendant lamp 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp, Design David Wahl, EUR 50.
IKEA PS cushion cover 2014.
IKEA PS 2014 cushion cover, Design Margrethe Odgaard, EUR 14.99.

2017 – Live it!

IKEA PS 2017 Live it! was for everyone who truly valued their independence. People who refused to align themselves with a traditional life of work-eat-sleep. It was about a lifestyle in which people chose freedom, and could see all the opportunities such a life could offer.

Furnishings in different colours stacked on top of each other in a warehouse, silver-coloured balloons forming the word PS.
IKEA PS 2017: Live it!
IKEA PS table lamp 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 table lamp, Design Ola Wihlborg, EUR 29.
IKEA PS corner easy chair 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 corner easy chair, Design Joel Booy/Kate Booy, EUR 179.50.
IKEA PS tealight holder 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 tealight holder, Design Nike Karlsson, EUR 6.99.
IKEA PS side table/stool 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 side table/stool, Design Jon Karlsson, EUR 39.
IKEA PS storage unit 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 storage unit, Design Nike Karlsson, EUR 79.
IKEA PS candlestick 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 candlestick, Design Henrik Preutz, EUR 12.99.
IKEA PS LED multi-use lighting 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 LED multi-use lighting, Design Matali Crasset, EUR 24.90.
IKEA PS armchair 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 armchair, Design Jon Karlsson, EUR 79.
IKEA PS valet stand 2017.
IKEA PS 2017 valet stand, Design Gustav Carlberg, EUR 19.