7 November 2019–2 February 2020

Smart design is born when we see the world through the eyes of others. EveryBody is an exhibition about the body, inclusive design, and a simpler everyday life. For all of us.

A corridor inside IKEA Museum with orange light and several orange arches with large, white writing saying ‘SEE’, ‘HEAR’ etc.

At the very moment we step back and are forced to change perspective, the doors to new opportunities open. How can design create a more inclusive society? We asked 11 people with their own personal experience to help us out.

In several design projects, IKEA has explored inclusive design – always with the goal of making everyday life better for all of us. Some of the projects are presented in the exhibition.

Eleven people in wheelchairs or otherwise disabled who participated in an IKEA design project regarding inclusive design.
Participating in EveryBody: Britt Monti, Eva-Lena Kjellsson, Marina Kjellsson, Yasmin Nilson, Shahrzad Kiavash, Fatmir Seremeti, Rebecka Lejonman, Mikael Andersson, Aron Anderson, Gunilla Lindblom and Wenche Willumsen.
Two black and two yellow chairs and cushions from the IKEA OMTÄNKSAM collection exhibited at IKEA Museum.
The IKEA collection OMTÄNKSAM was developed with the assistance of experts and healthcare workers to make everyday life simpler for the elderly, people with variable ability and those who need extra support temporarily.
The corner of a cushion with a large, orange plastic ring attached to the cover zipper and an explanatory text next to it.
ThisAbles is a series of add-ons to existing IKEA products. The models are free to download and output on a 3D printer.
Showcases exhibiting everyday objects with uncomfortable design like a mug and cutlery made as non-functional as possible.
Athens-based artist Katerina Kamprani’s The Uncomfortable examines invisible design conventions.

In connection with the exhibition, journalist and podcaster Yasmin Nilson hosts a discussion series in six episodes on inclusive design.

1. Britt Monti Listen here
2. Alexander Erixson Listen here
3. Anna Bergholtz Listen here
4. Torbjörn Svensson Listen here
5. Catarina Löwenadler Listen here
6. Mikael Andersson Listen here

Yasmin Nilson and Anna Sandberg Falk.
Yasmin Nilson produces the Soluret podcast. Here with exhibition curator Anna Sandberg Falk.
A woman inside a space covered with black and white geometrical patterns, three bright orange stools, shoes and shoe horns.


While the exhibition is running, various lectures and activities are being held at the museum. Book your place by emailing Info.IKEA.Museum@inter.ikea.com. All activities except for Dinner in the Dark are included in admission. Subject to alteration.