Life at Home
IKEA + Annie Leibovitz

Showcased at IKEA Museum 1 June – 1 September 2024

Alongside iconic American photographer Annie Leibovitz, IKEA visited people in seven different countries to produce a series of portraits that shine a light on the nuances of life at home. No sets or stylists, just real people and real lives – a collection of 25 unique homes and stories from around the world. The images and stories are now showcased at IKEA Museum.

Meet the first IKEA Artist in Residence

The celebrated American photographer Annie Leibovitz is primarily known today as a portraitist, who revolutionised the genre of portrait photography with her original and iconic depictions of many of the world’s most beloved cultural figures. But her portfolio also includes a broad collection of fashion photography, landscapes, and personal reportage from her long career.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz in action as she works and takes photos.
Behind-the- scenes footage of IKEA Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz

In January 2023, Leibovitz became the first IKEA Artist in Residence. The collaboration throughout the year saw her document the reality of life for real people in their homes around the world. As a photographer who has always preferred lived-in environments to the studio, she was perfectly placed to shed light on insights captured by the annual IKEA Life at Home Report. Throughout the project, she used her lens to illuminate the lives of people around the world.

Six trainees lined up for a presentation. The image is in black and white.
Behind-the- scenes footage of IKEA Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz

The Mentorship with Annie Leibovitz

The Mentorship is part of a programme of activities with the first IKEA Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz. Six aspiring photographers from around the world were given a unique assignment to capture images based on insights from the Life at Home Report.

They photographed home life as they saw it, producing a powerful portfolio of art. Their work appeared alongside Annie Leibovitz’s at IKEA Museum. Follow their journey, read their stories, and experience their photography.