Look Music!

20 February – 6 December 2020

Music brings people together. Music expands spaces. Music fills the home with life.

Since the beginning, IKEA has had a vision to furnish the home with music. In the Look Music! exhibition you, your family and friends can listen, play and dance together. Spin discs like in the old days, and experience the retro-cool RENN piano from the 1970s, an early expression of democratic design where IKEA wanted to give everyone the opportunity to play at home. See the latest musical innovations in SYMFONISK, a collaboration with audio company Sonos, and the brand new collection FREKVENS which lets you create a groovy atmosphere at home!

Anna Sandberg Falk, Curator, IKEA Museum

The silhouette of a person standing inside IKEA Museum, looking at a large screen showing a woman enjoying music.
The Look Music! exhibition at IKEA Museum.
Join us on a digital showing of the Look Music! exhibition!

From the Sonos Brilliant Sound Survey:

“Scientists have found evidence that we are wired to perceive and enjoy music as well as to bond with each other through music. This explains why music is a ubiquitous part of the human experience, supporting the theory that music has a special, important function in our lives,” says Daniel Müllensiefen, a professor of music psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London.