Play! A playful experience

13 June–1 December 2019

Let loose your imagination and creativity in our creative workshop! Visit the interactive exhibition Play! – a fun experience for guests of all ages, in a playful world at IKEA Museum.

Come and Play!

Children are not the only ones who benefit from playing – play makes us all feel better. In the interactive exhibition Play! you can explore different ways of playing. We also tell you how IKEA works with play, and with developing new toys. Play! is about participating, discovering and learning new things.

A white space with furniture drawings in black and white, and two smiling girls looking through curtain sleeves.

Five Ways to Play

Join us in a new world and try out a fun experience for all ages. The exhibition is divided into five sections – all linked to different reasons why we play. To relax, to connect, to express ourselves, to daydream, and to discover new things. Have a go in all five sections and see what play type you are.

Face masks for play covering a large wall completely, bathed in multicoloured, fluid light.

Film and Crafts

Want to do some crafting? Our creative workshop is open every day 10:00–18:00 during the summer 2019. After 31 August it is open 10:00–18:00 on weekends and school holidays.

From 15 June we are showing children’s Swedish-language films next to the exhibition. The films will be shown at 10:30 on Saturdays and Sundays. Free admission for adults accompanied by children. Cinema snacks are available to buy at the entrance.

Play! opens 13 June and runs until 1 December 2019.

A room bathed in pink light with children and some adults sitting on flat pouffes on the floor, watching an animated film.
A red tomato made from fabric is seen through a lilac hole.
A girl and a boy in pink light looking through the holes of a peekaboo wardrobe.
The handwritten text “touch your toes and sound like a pig” is seen through a violet hole.