Sustain Able Voices

5 March 2020 – 25 April 2021

The exhibition Sustain Able Voices was showcased to visitors at IKEA Museum in Älmhult during the spring of 2020. Since 1998, the jury of Young Swedish Design has been awarding distinctions for innovative, boundary-crossing design. The exhibition is based on 25 selected contributions from 2004 to 2020, and interviews with some of the designers behind them. Come and see us, or join us on a digital showing of thought-provoking design that inspires a more sustainable future.

Anna Sandberg Falk, Curator, IKEA Museum

The world doesn’t need more things – it needs the right kind of things! Now more than ever, the world also needs huge amounts of courage, creativity and commitment – commitment which is growing ever stronger among many young people today. And that gives cause for hope!

Mats Widbom, MD of Svensk Form (Swedish Society of Crafts and Design)

The exhibition shows selected design by Cecilia Actis, Rebecca Ahlstedt, Victor Alge, Karin Bodin, Amanda Borgfors Mészàros, Elias Båth, Emma Dahlqvist, Robert During Janson, Jenny Ekdahl, Fredrik Färg, Erika Geiger Ohlin, Josefine Gennert Jakobsson, Lies-Marie Hoffmann, Mia Hulterstam, Emeli Höcks, Jan Klinger, Anton Kolbe, Per Nadén, Johanna Nestor, Nonhuman Nonsense, Christoffer Ohlander, Erik Olsson, Jens Peterson Berger, Kristina Schultz Lindberg, Martin Thübeck and Olov Ylinenpää.