Textile Playground

3 June 2017–2 April 2018

Do you remember the curtains you had in your bedroom as a child, or the pattern of your grandma’s apron? Textiles are a clear marker of their time, and they create memories. In the Textile Playground exhibition, we tell the story of the Swedish textiles tradition and show classic patterns.

Whether stripy, dotted, checked or floral, textiles create a homely atmosphere. Come with us on a journey through the history of our textiles from the 1960s to the present day. You will find some old favourites but also learn more about how we work with new materials and environmental sustainability. You can also make a bag, apron or cushion cover to take away with you.

A room where all the furniture is covered with the same striped black and white pattern, as well as the walls and the floor.
The fabric GUSTAVA with a multicoloured, playful “Dala-horse” pattern on a white background.
GUSTAVA, designer Katarina Brieditis, 2004.
The fabric FREDRIKA with a bold, naïve, multicoloured floral pattern.
FREDRIKA, designer Helen Trast, 2007.
The fabric RANDIG BANAN with a bold, naïve yellow banana pattern on a striped white and black background.
RANDIG BANAN, designer Inez Svensson, 1986.
The fabric RANDIG BANAN with a bold, naïve yellow banana pattern applied digitally by a visitor onto furniture in a room.
A room with a sofa, cushions and wall frames with graphic blue and brown patterns created with a digital pattern machine.

Fabric is not only attractive, warming and protective, it’s also smart. Textiles with new properties are currently being developed thanks to exciting research, such as heat-sensitive fabrics or textiles that can change colour or texture at the push of a button. Here you have an early chance to experience some of the textiles of the future.