Democratic Design

Part of the main exhibition

Can something be sustainable if the many people can’t afford it? Can a beautiful product with no function be good design? The answer is no for IKEA and the principles of Democratic Design – the philosophy behind all product development at IKEA and the theme of this exhibition.

The exhibition takes you on an interactive journey through the five dimensions of Democratic Design: form, function, quality, sustainability and low price. It is an opportunity to discover and explore design challenges in life at home, and get an insight into just how product development on the factory floor can make a difference. Young visitors can explore the SAGOSKATT children’s elements, and the curious can learn more about the design process at IKEA.

Part of Democratic Design exhibit – light boards in purple and blue with white text behind lamps on wooden boxes and tables.
The exhibition shows how IKEA develops products based on the five principles of Democratic Design: form, function, quality, sustainability and low price.

Creative product development, but it all starts in the home

The exhibition shows you what happens when the product developers at IKEA look for solutions to everyday problems and global challenges. The design process always begins by gaining a broad, in-depth understanding of how people around the world live – and how activities in the home create a need for different home furnishing products. Here you can see how IKEA works to make things a little better, every day – whether it’s innovation surrounding new production techniques, increasingly tough quality tests, or reuse and recycling. Curious about the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow? Take the opportunity to dive into the exhibition’s material library.

Colourful part of the exhibition Democratic Design with display cases and touch screens on red metal tables.
Discover how IKEA works to create products that can meet several needs and functions in a sustainable way.

From vision to production

Follow the evolution from Ingvar Kamprad’s early vision of well-designed, quality products that people can afford, to today’s focus on form, function, quality, sustainability and low price. The aim of the exhibition is to look at the true endeavour of IKEA – to create a better everyday life for the many people – in an inquisitive, entertaining way.