Young Swedish Design 2021

1 April–16 May 2021

Although IKEA Museum has worked with Svensk Form before, this is the first time we are co-producing the exhibition itself, Young Swedish Design 2021. And now, we are proud to present the results at IKEA Museum in Älmhult.

Anna Sandberg Falk, exhibition curator at IKEA Museum, stresses the importance of accessibility: “Spreading innovative design and making it available to many people is something we’re passionate about. To make the exhibition even more accessible, this year we’ve also produced a digital version.”

Anna Sandberg Falk.
Anna Sandberg Falk

Qian Jiang is this year’s IKEA scholarship winner, with his entry Outside the Box. Qian designed this collection of ash and oak furniture to study the moment a liquid form becomes solid. The panel of judges commented: “An aesthetic, well-considered collection of furniture that skilfully unites handicraft with five-axis CNC engineering.” Congratulations to Qian Jiang on his win.

A chair, a table and a low bench with both minimalistic and fluid shapes in natural and light grey ash and oak wood.
The question is, has Young Swedish Design even been more varied? The IKEA scholarship winner 2021 is Qian Jiang. Welcome to Älmhult Qian!

Sustainability is second nature to IKEA Museum and Young Swedish Design. Our podiums and display spaces are made of about 600 recycled plastic bread crates, which will go back into the circular recycling system once the exhibition has finished its tour. The signs are made from 100% recyclable paper fibres.

Sustainable podiums and showcases with design objects in the “Young Swedish Design 2021” exhibition at IKEA Museum.
The bread crates will go back into the bakery recycling system after the exhibition ends.

We can’t all get to Älmhult, but we can all click here. See the digital exhibition and meet all 26 winners of Young Swedish Design 2021. Experience the works digitally, read the artists’ thoughts and the judges’ comments.

See the whole exhibition digitally

Young Swedish Design 2021 is a co-production between Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and IKEA Museum, in association with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre) and the City of Malmö.

Animation of the Young SwedishDesign digital exhibition.
The question is, has Young Swedish Design even been more varied?