Look Music!

Veröffentlicht 29. Januar 2020

IKEA Museum wants you to get caught by the music vibes

Sound is part of both the present and the past at IKEA. Did you for instance know that IKEA has a history of selling records, pianos and flutes? Visitors at the IKEA Museum will both experience and see this in the new exhibition called “Look Music!” opening on 20 February.

Music is a vital part of people’s life and home and this is something IKEA has recognised over the years. In a new exhibition, visitors get to experience how IKEA has looked upon the importance of music at home throughout the ages, by stepping into interactive and creative rooms focusing on music as a vital part in creating atmosphere and ambiance. The room sets are also reflecting how IKEA has offered music to its customers in various ways; from selling records in the store in the 70’s, the RENN music range to the latest launches of SYMFONISK and FREKVENS.

“Music is such an important part of life. It´s present in everyday situations as well as our most precious and memorable moments in life. This exhibition is digging into what music has looked like in the home through the ages from an IKEA perspective. The listening experience might have changed but music is still as important as ever. And this is something we try to capture in this installation. Recognizing what music is to the home, and how powerful it is in bringing people together”, says curator Anna Sandberg Falk at IKEA Museum.

The engaging exhibition will take the visitor through a 70’s living room and ends with a FREKVENS home party of today. In between there is also a complete sound experience in the SONOS/SYMFONISK room, where the visitor can explore how the listening experience has changed over time. Besides the historic vibes of the music and home decoration at that time, there will be a series of events and activities available to suit the whole family.

“We want all our visitors, regardless of age to get caught by the music vibes. Therefore we will not only showcase how music has been a part of IKEA home furnishing in a historic context, but also host a series of events like daytime disco and dance classes. In that way we hope to offer people of all ages the opportunity to dance and experience the joy of music,” says Anna Sandberg Falk.

Look Music! at IKEA Museum is open 20 February – 3 May 2020

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