Our Roots

Published 25 March 2021

From ice age to future age – IKEA Museum exhibition brings new perspectives to the Story of IKEA

The exhibition Our Roots is now reopened – a revitalised exhibition at IKEA Museum in Älmhult, southern Sweden. The exhibition offers new perspectives on the furniture company’s history, and shows how IKEA could not have come about anywhere else in the world. The unique local conditions in the stark landscape of rural Småland not only laid the foundation for Ingvar Kamprad’s business, it continues to guide IKEA into the future today.

Five years after IKEA Museum opened in Älmhult, southern Sweden, it now presents a new, expanded perspective on the history of what is now a global furniture and home furnishing brand, and the legacy of its founder Ingvar Kamprad.

The exhibition’s point of departure is the end of the last Ice Age. It continues through the basic yet tough society of Småland in the 19th century, where diligence, sweat and sheer determination were behind every penny earned, and nothing went to waste. The story moves on to Ingvar Kamprad’s childhood in 1930s Sweden, the transformation from farming community to welfare society, and the government’s vision of enabling a good standard of living for all people – not just the wealthy. These are all aspects and events that were absolutely crucial to the creation of IKEA.

“It feels great to be presenting a new, more in-depth perspective on the story of IKEA and Ingvar Kamprad’s legacy. We have aimed to highlight the unique local conditions and how they not only laid the foundation for IKEA, but continue to guide the entire brand into the future,” says Mats Nilsson, exhibition curator at IKEA Museum.

The exhibition appeals to all ages and contains many interactive parts, where visitors can feel like a part of history and the story narrative. Mats Nilsson continues:
“For us, this is an important step in the development of IKEA Museum, and our vision to be an international museum and meeting-place for democratic design. We aim to foster and display good Scandinavian design, and make it available to the many people.”

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