Black floor clock with shelving for storage, made of glue-layered, moulded poplar veneer.
Floor clock
Carl Hagerling
EUR 159

IKEA PS PENDEL is a floor clock. But it’s also a storage unit that can take two metres of books, a collection of china, photographs or whatever else you might like. Designer Carl Hagerling took the inspiration for PENDEL from the classic Swedish grandfather clock. He wanted his design to combine the Swedish cultural legacy with the functionality that has become the hallmark of IKEA.

When the IKEA PS PENDEL floor clock was launched, the IKEA PS clock by designer and architect Thomas Eriksson, from 1995, was still being sold. There was an affinity between the two. But what made PENDEL unique, of course, was the two metres of shelving available for storage. The clock was made of glue-layered, moulded poplar veneer, and was sold right up until 2017.

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