Clean-lined carafe and jug made of clear glass with cork lids.
Wiebke Braasch/Nike Karlsson/Henrik Preutz/Ola Wihlborg
EUR 3.49/6.99

The carafe and jug from 2015 in the IKEA 365+ series are made of heat-resistant glass that works for cold to very hot drinks. The jug’s wide opening and balanced size make it a versatile piece. It can be used for everything from smoothies to tea, and fits nicely into the fridge or on the dining table. The wide opening makes it easy to clean. The carafe is slightly narrower and can therefore be stored in the fridge door. And the four designers who worked together thought beyond that as well – both cork and glass are recyclable.

Today, the IKEA 365+ series is a comprehensive family of functional, well-designed products for preparing and eating food, at such low prices that as many people as possible can afford them.

Both the carafe and the jug are still in the IKEA 365+ range at IKEA in 2021.

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