Small sofa with red-black striped fabric, IKEA PRAAG.
IKEA of Sweden
EUR 13

The 1957 IKEA catalogue saw the launch of the simple, stylish PRAAG sofa, 120 cm wide and with no armrests. Ingvar Kamprad proudly wrote: “Wouldn’t you agree that the clean, simple lines of this new sofa lend it that modern cosiness that everyone’s after? An original IKEA design. Look at how smart and well-made the base is.”

PRAAG was made by Spångs Möbel AB in Älmhult and was launched as an “original IKEA design”. It came in black and three other colours, reminiscent of teak, mahogany and jacaranda. Like all the other sofas in the 1957 catalogue, the back side was covered in fabric. As Ingvar was keen to point out, this made it possible to place it anywhere in a room regardless of walls.

While the intention was good, the design was probably a bit ahead of its time. PRAAG only appeared in one IKEA catalogue, and the designer is sadly unknown.