Basic black office swivel chair, ÖRFJÄLL.
Swivel chair
Sebastian Holmbäck/Ulrik Nordentoft
EUR 39

ÖRFJÄLL is a neat, flexible desk chair that’s designed with the home office in mind. Designers Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft wanted to combine function and comfort with good-looking design. This is how Sebastian and Ulrik themselves described the idea:

“Lots of people have their desks in their living room or hallway, so we wanted to make a chair with a homey feel that would blend in with the rest of the furniture. We chose a simple, airy shape and added the practical properties that a chair needs. The handle at the back makes it easy to move around, which is perfect as it fits anywhere in the home!”

The swivel chair has quality high-density foam in the seat and back, which means it keeps its comfort for many years. The safety castors have a load-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps ÖRFJÄLL safely in place when you stand up. It is deactivated automatically when you sit down. The height of the chair is adjustable, enhancing the comfort factor. It is also sold in a children’s version with the same functions as the adult one.

In 2021 ÖRFJÄLL is still sold at IKEA.