Three table lamps in different colours, white, black and orange, MANICK.
Work lamp
Lennart Centervall
EUR 3.90

The MANICK lamp was called “usefully versatile” in the 1972 IKEA catalogue. It was labelled as a desk/piano lamp. In the catalogue, IKEA explained that MANICK could also be used on “modern headboards with a shelf surface”, and last but not least, on a piano. The foot of MANICK had an angled arm which made the lamp particularly useful.

MANICK came in white, black and orange, and was designed by Lennart Centervall, an industrious designer of lamps at IKEA. But it wasn’t until the 1972 catalogue that he was mentioned by name. By then there were ten lamp series designed by him in the catalogue, including KLOT which he designed in 1970.