PETITA I table 1960.
Jørgen Maahr/Otto Nielsen
EUR 6.20

“Light, handy units for the age of mobile TV furniture.” This is how the 1960 IKEA catalogue described the table series PETITA, which included a coffee table, side table and hall table. There was also a PETITA sewing table with a hand-woven pull-out basket, a drawer unit and a magazine shelf.

Danish architects Jørgen Maahr and Otto Nielsen paid particular attention to function when they designed the PETITA series. The low tables worked just as well in front of the sofa or beside the armchair as against the wall. The most versatile one of all was the little side table PETITA I which could also be used as a TV stand, bedside table or telephone table. PETITA was made of sturdy teak table tops and solid oak frames, by Möbelfabriken Rex of Vaggeryd.