MOA table 1960.
Preben Fabricius
EUR 11.50

The MOA coffee table in solid teak first appeared in the IKEA catalogue in 1960. With a handy, fold-up leaf with support beam, it offered excellent function and quality at a low price. It was one of the largest coffee tables in the IKEA range. With the leaf up, the table top measured a full 170×60 cm.

MOA was made by Ny-Ka Möbler in Tibro, and was designed by Danish architect Preben Fabricius. IKEA had been working successfully with Danish furniture factories in the 1950s, and in late 1958 the company advertised for architects in Danish newspapers. One of the seven architects IKEA started a collaboration with was Preben Fabricius.

He wrote about his models in a reply to the IKEA ad: “They all suit a modern, simple, rational design and construction. My only demand is that the quality has to be the very best.” These ideas about design and quality were made visible in the MOA coffee table.