White three-legged table lamp with a soft light, TVÄRS.
Table lamp
Carl Öjerstam
EUR 1.99

The three-legged TVÄRS table lamp is a mood lamp with a soft light that looks a bit like it comes from outer space. But that’s not even the most special thing about it – the extremely low price is.

When TVÄRS was developed, IKEA had already made a mark with the low-price lamp that was simply called LAMPAN, ‘the lamp’. But now IKEA wanted to outdo itself and make a lamp that was even better priced, naturally without compromising on the design. Aptly enough, IKEA again asked designer Carl Öjerstam to design the new lamp, after designing LAMPAN in the early 2000s. This is what he had to say about the project:

“The challenge was to minimise the costs while designing an attractive lamp that works anywhere. The key was a design that means we can fit 500 lamps on one pallet. This means that we reduce transportation costs significantly – and can lower the price of the lamp without compromising on design.”

The TVÄRS lamp became a popular table lamp that creates soft mood lighting in the room. It is still at IKEA in 2021.