Freestanding mini-kitchen in white and chrome, SUNNERSTA.
Henrik Preutz
EUR 99

The SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen can do more than you think, at a very low price. The kitchen is ideal for small spaces where you want an open, inviting kitchen. It can be used in the holiday cabin, when renovating your main kitchen, or as a portable kitchen for more flexible living in a small home. The function can be further enhanced with hooks, shelves, trolleys and containers of various kinds. It is easy to get home and assemble, so you can get started cooking in no time.

Designer Henrik Preutz started his collaboration with IKEA in 2002 on a working scholarship from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg. A year later he was employed as a designer. Henrik has designed a great many products for virtually every area at IKEA, including the SOLBO children’s table lamp, the MARKUS office chair, and several products in the IKEA PS collections and IKEA 365+ series.

This is what Henrik Preutz had to say about his thoughts behind the kitchen: “With the SUNNERSTA freestanding mini-kitchen I want to encourage a creative and playful feeling about cooking. Create an open and welcoming kitchen even if your living space is small, a simple kitchen area in the office or a practical solution when renovating. Use the plastic hooks and containers to keep track of utensils and ingredients – and use the trolley as a utility surface when there’s a lot going on in the kitchen. Hopefully it will make cooking more fun and easier.”

SUNNERSTA is still sold at IKEA in 2021.