Solid walnut and walnut veneer chair in a classic, traditional, Scandinavian design.
Ola Wihlborg
EUR 149

Ola Wihlborg designed the solid walnut and walnut veneer chair that was part of the STOCKHOLM collection 2013. He clearly remembers how he tackled the project: “I immediately thought of interior design in the 1950s and ’60s. I looked more closely at how we designed and furnished our homes during those two decades, compared with how we live today. The goal was to create a sustainable, timeless collection. One special comfort detail is the fact that the chair’s armrests are angled to fit perfectly under the table. They become a kind of unit together.”

The sixth STOCKHOLM collection, “With an eye for detail”, was presented in the catalogue 2014. The collection was characterised by a classic, traditional, Scandinavian design theme with cautious continental influences.

The new collection was broader than before, with products for more areas in the home and with greater functionality. There were also more strong individual parts that could be combined with furniture and objects that were already in the rooms. An eye for detail meant that care was taken for every aspect and only the finest materials were used both inside and out, such as walnut wood, full-grain soft leather, and bone china. The result was the highest possible quality and comfort.

Inspiration for the collection was taken from nature and organic shapes. The furniture should last a long time and be able to be handed down to future generations. Ahead of the launch, Ola Wihlborg was asked: “What’s the future for the products in 20, 30 or 40 years?” Ola replied: “I hope that they’re still being used every day, even though they may change owners. I can see them being passed on to the next generation, or finding a new home in an auction. A long, eventful life is what I want the products in the STOCKHOLM collections to have.”

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