Steel tube armchair with egg-shaped seat in black and yellow wool fabric.
Gillis Lundgren
EUR 6.90

The ÄGGET armchair was not designer Gillis Lundgren’s first experiment with moulded plywood and steel tubing – that was BOHEM, which Ingvar Kamprad described as “an odd little armchair”. Gillis succeeded far better with ÄGGET. It was comfier, sturdier and more modern looking. And the innovative production and material combination made it very reasonably priced.

Customers could buy ÄGGET with woollen fabric in a colour of their choice, combined with a grey woollen seat. The 1957 catalogue offered the colours red, yellow and ‘ice green’, among others. The frame was made at a mechanical workshop in Älmhult, and the seating unit at a joinery in Diö. These were then sent to the Rune Ring upholstery factory in Älmhult which completed the product.