Simple bedside table made of white wood, NORDLI.
Bedside table
Ola Wihlborg
EUR 69

When Ola Wihlborg, designer at IKEA, created the bedside table and the other products in the NORDLI bedroom series, he was inspired by Scandinavian design and smart functions.

“It all started with just a bed and bedside table, then grew into a complete series. Each piece works great alone or combined with others,” Ola explained. “They all have their own special features with focus on functionality and quality. The modular chests come in different shapes and sizes that you can combine freely. Some pieces are great in other rooms too – even in a small business.”

The NORDLI series includes a bed frame, a headboard, a bedside table and chests of drawers. The drawer units are modular, which means they can be combined in different ways and then adapted to suit changing needs.

NORDLI was launched in the 2015 IKEA catalogue with a quote by product developer Tjeerd van Waijenburg: “This smart design is inspired by a stack of boxes. With just eight modules you can create all kinds of combinations. Although it’s designed for clothes storage, NORDLI will readily work in many rooms in the home.”

Buying NORDLI means beginning with a base unit and then adding to it with different modular drawers, a bit like building Lego. The chests of drawers have many functions that can’t be seen, but are noticeable when used. A built-in damper slows the drawer on closing for a slow, silent closure. The hidden drawer rails keep the drawers running smoothly also when heavily loaded, and adjustable feet make it possible to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.

Modules in the NORDLI series are still available at IKEA in 2021.