Handmade rectangular sisal rug, beige with stripes made with colourful threads, TILST.
Paulin Machado
EUR 29

The handmade TILST rug was designed by Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA. The rug was one of several new natural-feel rugs – TILST, TERNSLEV, SATTRUP and SJÖSLEV – all woven with natural, sustainable fibres. The idea was to make the rugs from renewable materials, which were chosen for their robust and sustainable qualities. Jute is grown organically and is 100% recyclable, and sisal is a fibre from the agave plant and is sustainable and naturally resistant to stains.

Paulin Machado studied textile design at the Chelsea College of Arts in the UK, and at the Swedish School of Textiles, Borås. Following work experience at the IKEA textiles department, she worked for five years as a designer at the IKEA product development centre in India. Paulin was then employed in the design department at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult.

The TILST rug was sold at IKEA from April 2016, for just over two years. Thanks to its modern appearance, with an innovative design and colourful threads that broke up the traditional rectangular shape, the rug worked well in smaller spaces.