White quilt cover and pillow case with different coloured dots overlapping each other.
Quilt cover and pillow case
Maria Vinka
EUR 39.99

When the IKEA PS duvet cover and pillow case 2012 were launched, designer Maria Vinka said: “All my textiles have spots. Spots are energetic and spread joy. Looking through old IKEA catalogues convinced me even more. At IKEA we’ve always focused on simplicity and playfulness. I followed tradition with simple, immediate patterns, but in different, carefully selected materials. For example, the IKEA PS 2012 duvet cover is made of linen since it’s cool and comfy to sleep in. And flax can be grown in cooler climates, where irrigation and pesticides are rarely needed.”

With the IKEA PS 2012 collection, the designers were urged to look for inspiration in more than 60 years of IKEA design history, in old catalogues and in the IKEA Museum collection. They then worked in a playful, creative way to update and renew shapes, functions, materials and sustainability. Guiding principles such as stackable, sustainable, flexible, fun and surprising were all present in the products, which were made in a wide range of different materials and light colours.

Maria Vinka’s energetic spots didn’t only appear on duvet covers, but also on a decorative cushion cover woven using ramie, a plant fibre from the nettle family. The duvet cover set was sold until 2014.

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