Pile of imaginative soft toys including an orange unicorn and a very thin tiger, SAGOSKATT.
Soft toy
IKEA of Sweden

A soft toy collection for children – designed by the children themselves. Every year since 2014, IKEA has invited children from around the world to a drawing competition where they draw their dream soft toys. After that Children’s IKEA has transformed five of the most unique creations into a time-limited soft toy collection: SAGOSKATT.

Over the years, everything from globe men and unicorn dachshunds to rainbow giraffes and candy cushions have been made into soft toys. Choosing between all the imaginative creations is, of course, a really tough job for the product developers at IKEA. For example, in 2019 there were more than 87,000 creative entries from 50 countries. And only a few entries can be turned into soft toys every year.

The idea behind SAGOSKATT is that IKEA wants more children to have an outlet for their creativity, have fun and at the same time be able to help other children have a better life. All sales proceeds are donated to local organisations that support children’s rights.

The design competition and SAGOSKATT represent one of many initiatives at IKEA to support children’s right to play, develop and have fun, in line with the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.