A person holds a smart phone next to a side board with white lamp and a small round white wifi gateway, TRÅDFRI.
IKEA of Sweden
EUR 29.99

The TRÅDFRI gateway was created in 2017, and marked the beginning of an effort at IKEA to make everyday life a little easier using smart products. It was used to control smart products from IKEA in the home using the IKEA Home smart app. “We used a standard technology and adapted it to people’s needs as home furnishing experts, not tech specialists,” says Rebecca Töreman, who works with smart products at IKEA. “We wanted our connected products to be easy to use; you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to make them work.”

As time went by, more and more smart product types came along that could be controlled with the TRÅDFRI gateway and the app, to solve everyday challenges and increase convenience in the home. These included speakers, lighting, roller blinds and air purifiers. It became easier to switch lights on and off, or create cosy lighting in the evening. Or to give the air purifier a boost just before bedtime. Or to wake gradually in the morning by raising the smart roller blind slightly after you’ve snoozed the alarm.