Three kidney-shaped NJURUNDA coffee tables, one red, one black and one bright green.
Coffee table
Tina Christensen
EUR 22.90

The small, kidney-shaped NJURUNDA table could be used both alone and in pairs. It cost so little that customers could ideally buy two at once. And if you put two NJURUNDA together, they made the classic Chinese symbol for yin and yang.

NJURUNDA was part of the IKEA initiative to produce small, easily placed side tables in playful modern designs. The plastic played an important part in the small tables, since it’s a flexible material that makes it possible to create complex shapes at a low price. The kidney-shaped table-top with a wavy edge would have been very expensive had it been made in any material other than plastic.

Designer Tina Christensen also designed a little sibling to NJURUNDA called APPLERYD. It had the same wavy edge as NJURUNDA on the round top and foot.