Simple white tableware, plates and bowls, RONDO.
Service, 16 pieces
Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson
EUR 16.90

RONDO was a durable tableware series in undecorated feldspar porcelain, and it became very popular when it joined the range in December 1978. It was designed by Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson, who was originally a silversmith. When he started working for IKEA in the mid-1970s, he had had his own silver workshop since 1963.

RONDO was one of Carl-Gustaf’s first products for IKEA. There were plates and bowls, coffee cups, different sizes of deep bowls, and oval serving dishes. All with the characteristic raised round edge. One smart detail was that the plates also served as lids for the bowls. It was durable and dishwasher safe. The service was brought into the range in December 1978, and was seen in the catalogue on and off right up to 2001.

Carl-Gustaf also designed a range of cast-iron pots and pans which were also called RONDO, as well as several cutlery series for IKEA.