Robust seating group made of solid birch with traditional influences, NORRÅKER.
Jon Karlsson/Nike Karlsson
EUR 59/149/29

Jon Karlsson and Nike Karlsson, two senior designers at IKEA with a special feeling for wood, worked together when developing NORRÅKER – a robust furniture series in solid birch with traditional influences.

Nike Karlsson has said about work at IKEA that it always starts from “insights into people’s needs and dreams about life at home. Only that way can we know that our designs make a difference in people’s lives.” In NORRÅKER, he and Jon Karlsson have used solid birch – a durable, stain-resistant natural material, which means the series meets the requirements for public environments but the tables and seating furniture are just as suitable at home as at a restaurant. The rounded edges on the tables are good for child safety. The largest table can sit four people.

The 2015 series includes tables, a bench, stool and bar stool in two different versions: clear-lacquered birch or black stain with clear lacquer. The natural grain in the birch and its colour variations make each piece of furniture unique and also add to their charm.

The NORRÅKER series can still be found at IKEA in 2021.